About Us



Our story began when our founder, Jason Patton, noticed a need for EXCITEMENT in the classroom. It was simple, students were dazed. The first joke was cracked and not one, but all individuals LAUGHED

Patton’d Comedy https://www.wptv.com/about-us/as-seen-on/cpr-class-can-make-you-laugh-save-a-lifeCPR was born.

Jason wanted to create a company that makes student rescuers enjoy learning, ultimately, helping them retain the information better. Why? Because when in a situation that is LIGHT and FUN, but still educational, becoming dazed is not likely to occur.

From then on, our philosophy became, a serious subject doesn’t have to be taught in a serious manner.

Naturally, Individuals learn better when people are ENJOYING themselves. At Patton’d Comedy CPR, we guarantee more than just a certification. We will teach you to save a life with a huge added bonus LAUGHTER.

With over thousands of certified Comically Prepared Rescuers, our proven approach ensures students engage with our tactics.

We are...

“The lifesaving class that’ll make you laugh”.


At Patton’d Comedy CPR, we believe that saving a life is serious business, but that doesn’t mean that learning how has to be. We strive to create stress-free, knowledge-filled environment that will leave your mind full, your confidence strong and your side hurting from laughing. 

Patton’d Comedy CPR (comically prepared rescuers) ensures one of a kind classes by using comedy & improv to keep the attention of the students.


We find that the majority of CPR students have a real fear to act. Individuals are scared they may hurt someone. Patton’d Comedy CPR makes sure the fear is left behind from the very beginning of class. It is most important to us to make our student rescuers feel comfortable enough to react, and react fast! 

We make it known that it is nearly impossible to mess up an emergency scene to this caliber. Emergency situations are scary and bring out insecurities, making individuals doubt themselves. By the time a student leaves our classroom, they will not only be knowledgeable, but confident in their skills to help those in need.


Our instructors bring real-life experience and textbook knowledge, most of which are current, or were first responders. This is particularly important to us because this helps our instructors stay up-to-date on the current life-saving procedures and allow us to share that we have put our teachings into action, providing proof that it works. From CEO’s to nurses, police officers to secretaries, students to teachers and everything in between, we can and will teach you everything you need to know to help someone in need of medical attention here.

"Jason is energetic, positive, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled not only as a firefighter, but as a trainer. He is easy to work with, the staff adores him, and he is always accommodating to our training needs even on short notice.  As Director of Human Resources, Culture, and Employee Development, I can assure you Patton'd Comedy CPR provides what most others can’t. As many employees sometimes dread trainings, they ALL want to attend when they hear Patton'd Comedy CPR is coming back."

---Shelby Tessar
    Director of Culture and Employee Development, 
Delray Recovery Center